Online dating is a scary place

Opinion piece!

I tried online dating. The only reason why I even looked into it was because one of my sisters made a good point. No one talks to each other any more in public. We go out of our way to leave space between us and strangers. So, I thought, why not?! I now know why not. Here is a list of experiences:

  1. Pricing. My God. Trying to find your soul mate online will make you go broke. It is crazy. I looked into E harmony and Christian Mingle. It’s crazy expensive. I work 2 jobs so my sister and I can live in a nice place on our own so I do not have “3 easy payments of 79.90”. I did end up going with a one month subscription to Christian Mingle though. Which leads me to …
  2. Just because it’s “Christian” does not mean no creeps. I paid for a subscription with them because a) they had an ONLY 1 month option b) I was hoping for a better chance at “no creepers” and c) someone had already tried to reach out to me. Well. The guy that contacted me was very sweet but came on waaaaaay too strong waaaay too fast. He immediately wanted to know why I liked him and chatted him back. It would have been a fair question if we had not just started communicating literally 5 minutes previously. I was stunned. I had no answer because I didn’t KNOW him. He didn’t like my simple of answers of “because you seemed nice?” Chat #2 I got immediately launched into what I thought had been left behind with aol im and asked what I was wearing, would I deliver him breakfast in bed (he lived in Texas), and more creepy things I will not launch into.  E harmony had its own creepy guys though. I started emailing a guy on a gmail account I created for this purpose. He immediately wanted my Facebook info and a picture. I was a bit creeped out as my Facebook is pretty personal and I am very cautious with who I am friends with. He has not spoken to me since.
  3. No “matches” are ever online. Like ever. If you had people that you wanted to buy your service, would you not send them the best you had to offer? I would! Not so on Christian Mingle. You had 1 month to get my attention and who do you send me? People that have not logged on in a month or more! Are they even still active? Or single?! It’s so frustrating! I tried from my side to send “smiles” and “messages” but to no avail. I know it could be the way I look but I would have at least liked some guys that had logged on within the past few weeks? It was crushing.
  4. They do not make you want to stay. I left Christian Mingle mostly because of the issues listed in number 3. Instead of offering a discount or some encouragement or , I don’t know, more active members- they said cruel things about how by not signing up I am losing the opportunity to meet God’s match for me. I’m closing the door on a good Christian mate etc.. I was resolved to not sign up again but this sealed the deal. How dare you! That was a low blow and unfair :(.   I somehow think in God’s grand plan for me, that he does not want me to go broke in trying to meet his match for me.

Let’s just say, Psalms 34:18 has become a bit closer to my heart as of late. I don’t think there is no hope and I know that there is someone out there for me and I am trying hard to find him. I will not let this discourage me but I do have to say it was definitely not something I am going to jump into so quickly again.


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