Re foucused

Hi everyone,

I have come to realize over the time I have been writing this blog that I quickly lost focus on what I made this for. This was essentially supposed to be almost like a “ways I stayed happy today” thing and I quickly made it more of a “here’s a bit of my life” thing. In doing so, I felt pressured to make sure it was something worth reading. My life is pretty much the same every week and I didn’t feel it was entertaining enough to share. (Thank God I don’t vlog!) Also, I am not so good at the written word. I can talk to anyone about almost anything with no problem. Just writing has been a challenge for me because I do not feel like I have a very good written voice.

So, why the sudden reboot?

I need to remind myself that happiness is a choice. I AM allowed to be happy instead of working myself so hard that I have nothing left to make OTHERS happy. I can do both. This week has been particularly hard to get through. My birthday was last Thursday and I had that day and the weekend off to spend time with the fam. It was awesome and I felt so loved and appreciated and it made it hard to go back to places where I do not feel that every day.

So- I have now listened to ‘The Young Riders’ TV theme song twice (Kimbop would know what that means) and am making another effort to refocus on more positive things. So, for yesterday, 3 things that made me happy:

  1. Kimbop- I am incredibly blessed with the 4 amazing younger siblings I have and I could not love them any more than I already do. I sometimes feel though that Kimbop was put on this planet because God knew I would need a wrangler ;). She gets what I am saying and feeling without me having to go into too much detail and get sad/angry over something. She knows when to push me and when to tell me to “Calm down! It is not that bad.” She is a ray of sunshine and always knows the right thing to say. Like this yesterday: ” Your education is NOT worthless. You worked so incredibly hard for your degree and overcame so many obstacles to finish college. I am more proud of you than you know for that…your happiness is something you need and deserve. I love you and I appreciate you more than words can ever express…to hear that people are underestimating you hurts my heart because you are my hero and I know that you can do anything.
  2. My friends- I have an AMAZING support group around me right now. They are so incredibly wonderful and I know if I needed one or all of them they would come running. You guys are so so wonderful and I cannot wait for London 2017? ish. Or until then, at least another Lake Hope trip in the near future!
  3. J.K.- You are super awesome. It warms my heart that I inspired you to move forward with checking into  Norse Fitness. You are so amazing and completely in your element during those classes. You make people feel welcome and give so much positive feedback that is SO nice to hear when you’re trying to lose weight. You are so awesome and I miss you not sitting up here next to me every day.

I hope you all don not mind if it is more things like this and my occasional opinions on things? Anyways I hope you’re all having wonderful days!

Lots of love, Me


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