Weekend Happy Things

Friday 9/19- this is going to be a toughy… mini melt down and a dew other problems made for a difficult day buuuut:

  1.  My mom’s hugs. I hope everyone has at least one parent that can make them feel safe, loved, and protected from judgement with just a simple hug.
  2. A nice place to come home to. I love my and Kimbop’s home and the safe haven we have created.
  3. Mcdonalds french fries. The balm for every soul.

Saturday 9/20:

  1. Sidewalks. It is so incredibly nice to finally live in a place where there are sidewalks.
  2. Long walks. Again, sidewalks ya know. It’s nice to just be outside.
  3. Good conversation. It’s funny the amount of time in our lives that Kimbop and I have and still do spend together and we almost never run out of things to talk about.

Sunday 9/21:

  1. Food. Running low on necessities makes you grateful for what you have and the ability to get it.. aka money,
  2. Random surprises. As I was leaving the $ store and not all that excited about my work shift coming up, I ran into my lil sis Avril and it was awesome. I mean yes, I see her often and yes, she lives maybe 100 feet away from me but still!
  3. Charmed. I’m a really weird person and yes, Charmed makes me happy. Its kind of hokey and pretty cheesy but I have so many memories wrapped around that show. I feel like each episode has some random memory of me and my siblings tied to it.

It’s been a pretty rough weekend so I need to remember the happy things.


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