Ok, so what is really sad is that I have trouble remembering “happy things” that happened only a few days ago 😦  I guess it doesn’t have to be day specific.. anyhoo to make up for it here is 16 things to make up for that:

  1. Zumba- I absolutely love it! It’s not for everyone and I know I probably look absolutely stupid (cause I have no rhythm) but I really feel like I am getting a full body work out. I like that you used your whole body instead of focusing on one part. The fact that one of my besties is the instructor one night a week is an added bonus!
  2.  Good books- I may have already used this one but I’m not sure. Either way it pays repeating. I love books. Having a place to escape means so much to me and I love that.
  3. My jobs.
  4. my health
  5. my family’s health
  6. My Grams
  7. Happiness- the ability to chose to be happy
  8. My Mom
  9. A full day off- won’t be having much more of these :/
  10. A fully functioning mind- I take mine for granted..  a lot. I’ve seen what its like to not have one and I have been trying to be more grateful for what I have.
  11. A full fridge/pantry.
  12. Helping others
  13. Hugs
  14. Compliments
  15. Sharing your passions- I got to hand sell some of my favorite books on Sunday and it was the BEST feeling ever.
  16. Intelligent conversation

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