Positivity, please read

This is how things should have sounded:

Yesterday, I went to get my oil changed in my new car. I have never done this before and I was pretty nervous. (My mom or my uncle does it) So after a few blunders and a rather rude supervisor at Quick Stop I pulled into a bay to have my oil changed.

The technician opened my door for me and was like ” HI! How have you been since High School?! It’s been what.. 10 years?” and I just gawked for a good 30 seconds before saying something about how time flying and happy to be out etc etc etc. I was so baffled and thrown off guard. I almost wanted to ask and make sure if he had the right person.

He was so incredibly nice though and was chatting with me for awhile and asked if I had any kinds “No. Not yet.” then ” So are you married yet?” a very unladylike like snort ” No! I wish!” so he answered ” You wish?” like the idea of wanting to be married was foreign to him as some chick that worked there made a comment and he was like ” HEY! I am just catching up! We went to high school together I’m not hitting on her!” and it took everything in me not to say ” I would be very flattered if you were!”

Wow. Just.. wow. So so so exciting! 🙂


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