Shatter Me

I wanted to do a quick book review on Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

I read a lot of young adult… well, not as much as I used to but let’s just say I tend to stick to familiar authors and the more PG type stories versus the violent or “this is way too sexual for any teen to read” type books. So, my knowledge of the “genre” is very pigeon holed. With that kind of view point, this series never reached me.

I first found out about it when my youngest sister, as a complete surprise, made me this:

Juli pic 2

she said she found the quote on tumblr one day and it reminded her of me and she made this as a complete surprise. I cried when she gave it to me. I eventually googled the quote and that was how I was introduced to Shatter Me.

shatter meShatter Me is about a girl named Juliet who’s touch has the power to kill people. She has felt alone and unloved her entire life before she is eventually sent to an asylum by her parents. Forced to live in a place cut off from all human contact she depends on her diary and words to help her through.

It was the words, Juliet’s words, that drew me to this book. They were so flowery and so beautiful. Better yet, it was finally something that had a sort of poetry feel to it that I could actually understand. There were two more lines that really stuck out to me in reading the book:

” My words wear no parachutes as they fall out of my mouth.”

“I’ve been screaming for years and no one has ever heard me.”

I was so moved at the imagery behind her words and how true to life they felt for me. I was drawn to her character for that very reason.  As the book progressed she really grows into herself and becomes a bit more comfortable in her own skin. I loved bad ass Juliet. She was amazing.

It was after the half way point in the book that I am sad to say I started to lose interest. She went from empowered to Bella Swan. Completely attached to the boy. Juliet’s case is a bit more special than Bella’s but I honestly couldn’t stand the clingy person she started to become and just how crazed Adam could be.

I can’t say too much without spoiling some minor to major plot points but I will say it is a good read for a more mature audience. Simply because if you like book one enough to continue on in the trilogy, it gets quite a bit more… adult themed. I will admit that I was not interested enough to read Unite Me and just skipped right to Ignite Me, which I did quite enjoy.

All in all, if you enjoy deep and meaningful quotes, this book is wonderful. The story and character building is a bit weak (and Kenji is the best character in my opinion) but I am a Historian not a Writer so don’t trust my judgement on that. 😉

If you read it or have read it, let me know your thoughts! I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Have a great weekend ya’ll!


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