Advent Books #2

Hello again all!

As I previously stated, my advent books won’t be all 12 weeks leading up to Christmas since there were some books I didn’t enjoy. Yesterday though, “Kate’s Advent Christmas Book #2” dropped and I wanted to do a quick review.

The Evergreen Bride, I have to say, was much more enjoyable that week one. I don’t believe it was too much longer in length from The Advent Bride. I was still able to finish the book in an hour or so. What I liked about this installment is that she set up a previous relationship between the 2 leads. Where in The Advent Bride, the couple was not as familiar with each other, it felt a little rushed and I felt like I missed out where they actually mutually fell in love with each other.

In Evergreen Bride, it was described to us early on that our hero was best friends/business partner with  our heroine’s big brother. In that way, Sam and Annabelle have known each for quite a while. I thought the dialogue and interactions between the couple and the other characters was brilliantly done. The story was adorable and I absolutely loved it!

I was surprised to discover that I have not read any of Pam Hillman’s works yet, after this I have to say I plan on looking up her books!

If you have any interest in joining me on this Advent book adventure please click here for the first book. The other 12 should be linked below it: . I’d be very interested you hear your thoughts on the books!

Next up for me won’t be until November 10th with The Gingerbread Bride. So, I shall let you know if the advent season is just getting better sometime that week!

Hope everyone is having a great start of the Fall season!

Lots of Love , Me


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