2015 Reading Challenge

Hello and happy 2015 everyone!

I am so sorry for not following through with last year’s goal of posting something every day. I started to get really worried about posting something interesting and thought provoking and let it all get to my head. Anyways, no more excuses. I will post as I can and maybe that will spark more content?

Anyways, my friend Elizabeth re-blogged a post about a 2015 reading challenge. It looks SO cool!

Now, I love reading.. a lot… and while I wouldn’t say I was in a “slump” I always talk myself out of my “to read” books for various reasons ie, too long, too boring, I’m too busy, books due back to library, etc. I thought this would be something new and interesting.  I pretty much hate going outside my own Kathryn made genre of all things happy and fluffy with a bit of history mixed in 😉 so I am going to also use this as a mini challenge to myself.

I’m starting with 84, Charing Cross Road at the moment: 84, Charing Cross Road

I found it on a Goodreads list of banned books but have not been able to find it anywhere else since then.. so I am not sure if I will make it my “book with a number in the title” or “book that was made into a movie”  we’ll see! It’s great so far! 25 pages in!

Speaking of books, I never finished my advent season books reviews. I have to say most of them left me wanting. They were just WAY too short. Before we got to know the characters the story was over. My FAVORITE one though (because it had DETAILS to it!) was the last one: The Snowbound Bride by Davalynn Spencer. It was beautiful and I liked it a lot!!

Well, I hope you all are having a great day and a great 2015 so far!

Lots of Love


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