E Harmony: For reals this time

I have honestly put off trying the online dating scene again.

Why? Because it was terrifying the 2 times I tried it. Absolutely terrifying. Also, I just don’t have the money to afford that.

I resigned myself to waiting for someone to fall out of the air in a perfect movie magic moment and BAM! True Love! (I know this would never happen btw).

Well, my co-worker Anita mentioned her son’s success with E Harmony and they were having a 78% off sale so I thought, why not?! This way I can actually SEE the guys and not just cartoon shadows, be able to interact via the website and see where it leads.

So far, no terrifying people! Yay! Plus there! We’re only 2 days into this new venture though and time will tell!

I will say, one guy from North Carolina was very persistent in communicating with me. Completely missing the “I want kids someday and you CLEARLY don’t” message I kept sending. He, thankfully, got it eventually.

I hadn’t really thought about my views and disappointments regarding my lack of a significant other until Caitlin reminded me a few weeks ago that I am “always living in a Jane Austen novel. Women are married at 15 in those!” In a way, its true. I do indeed live in a Jane Austen novel.

What happened to people TALKING TO ONE ANOTHER?! The incredibly sweet moment of asking to court a girl and all the balls and the clothing!

Before anyone starts, I am well aware of all of the “down sides” to that time period. I promise. I would DEFINITELY miss running, clean, water and much more.

However, people now go out of their way to not communicate with a living human being. We order our pizzas via apps and websites, we blog, we Facebook, and more. How are we supposed to meet someone after high school/college other than the internet? How do we make connections when our gut reaction is to grab our cell phone, or electronic device, or in my case a book to hide us from the world.

In keeping with the Austen theme, I desperately want a Henry Tilney. Everyone and their brother can go on and on about Mr. Darcy this and Mr. Darcy that but give me Henry any day. What I like the most about him, HE’S REAL! He is an honest guy with a fairly crazy family who falls in love with a normal girl. There is no added wealth or brooding or hurtful jabs at the person’s lower station in life.

In fact, he doesn’t even love Catherine at first. He finds her naive and vulnerable and you know what, he DOES NOT take advantage of her! That is what I am hoping for. Someone who does not see my incredible lack in the dating scene as something to abuse. Here’s hoping! 🙂

henry and catherine

will you

The cutest scene ever

Anyways, I am trying very hard to remain positive and not cynical about this.

Thankful in November: for the people in my life


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