Doomed To Repeat

Hello again friends!

This post might not make sense to many people but I really felt the need to put my feelings down. I don’t want to start any kind of fight, I just need to share.

The 6th of December, President Obama aired a Presidential Address to the United States. I  know most people moan and groan about it interupting whatever TV show they were currently watching but I am so glad I saw this on Sunday.

You can find more info and a video of the address here.

These are all opinions and thoughts I had that may or may not be shared by others but here is what I want to say. That address made me feel a lot of emotions.

One of my first thoughts was about how there we were the day before the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Listening to a Presidential Address in a room surrounded by people I love and care for talking about the threats on the American people. I thought to myself, did they feel like this? With the threat of America’s invovlment in WW2 hours away from becoming a reality, did they look around and take stock in what they had? In a time of econmic strife were they thankful for their lives and people that loved them? I’m sure they were. I’m sure they were not thinking of getting whatever the hot new item was that Christmas. It hurts me to think, and I do this too, how much we have lost those core values. I paused. I looked at my mom and all of my siblings. I thought about my niece or nephew growing in my sister’s stomach and how it is oblivious to this world going on outside the safe home my sister is providing for it right now. I thought about how incredibly blessed I am to be alive, be able to support myself, and how blessed I am for each person sitting in that living room with me.

As President Obama continued further into the address, the reality of what others might be thinking started to seep into my mind. All the hateful slurs I am sure people were more than willing to throw at our President and the people that live here. It made me sad but it also made me very happy for my degree: History. Something people are ok to dismiss as boring dates and unimportant facts is one of the things I am most passionate about. Want to know a big reason why? History repeats itself when people do not listen. It brews hate. It brews fear and that gets us no where. It has turned brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, time and time again. All because fear is one of the most driving factors in every human being. When we get scared, we lash out. That will help no one. I do not want to live in an era where camps of any kind exist again under the disguise of safety. People, when will we learn?! This breaks my heart. Countless times we have seen that this does not work.

Additionally, I can’t stand to listen to some people we want to someday lead our country talk about what they think are the easiest way to keep people out. Again, back to History, our country is a country of misfits. We wanted to make a better place to live, a much more free place to live. I honestly think that  in 239 years (I’m giving people the benifit of the doubt and starting in 1776) we still do not have that. We won’t have that until people, ALL people, are willing to work together for a common goal.

Really, all I am trying to do is like many people, I am trying to not let the very real threats that have now become a day to day occurance stop me from living my life. I want to enjoy the time I have with my family, with my friends, and in a world where greed and power does not lead over morals. I want people to be kind and to smile at one another again. All I could think about as the speech neared its conclusion and tears filled my eyes was just how far away we all have strayed from the values that formed this country we all love so much.

We should stop listening to muckrakers and the media. Do your own research, be informed!

America, let’s please wake up now and not become a “boring fact” or statistic. Let’s be a GOOD example again.

We should of listened when Washington said no parties.

We should have listened when God said “…Love your neighbor as yourself…”.



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